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-There is no default application here. Feel free to start with any theme you want and jump on it!
-Please use common sense and courtesy. Leaving comments like "You remind me of [x] because you're annoying and your nose is big!" simply isn't nice and doesn't have any substantial reasoning on top of it. Again, please use common sense.
-Be sure to stick to games which do fall into the RPG genre. If you're not certain what genre a game falls under, a quick google search should suffice. Anything with "rpg" in the genre title is acceptable, be they JRPGs, tactical RPGs, or MMORPGs.
-Do not sheep vote or give one-word comments. If you consistently give brief comments without an explanation, you will be warned. If you still continue after that, your comments will be deleted.
-That said, don't be afraid to vote on everyone! Everyone loves more votes, provided that they have reasons attached. Voting also keeps rating communities alive, so if you want more themes, be sure to participate!
-You're allowed to apply for restamps as many times as you wish, but please wait until at least two weeks have pasted since your first stamp on the theme you're reapplying for.

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