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19 February 2011 @ 09:37 pm
The World Ends With You  
Name: Myst
Previous Stamps: The Moderate (Hero) & Lenneth (Mirror)

Give a brief description of your personality:
I'm ridiculously snarky and I have a terrible sense of direction, but that's not personality. I like to think of myself as intellectual - I'm always looking for something new and something interesting to learn, and I have a perfectionistic streak in things that mean a lot to me. I'm more reserved than extroverted or introverted, and I'm a regular bookworm. I fiercely believe that everyone needs something to hold on to, and I get incredibly frustrated when someone drifts around aimlessly and doesn't try. So, I'm assertive, I'm sarcastic, and I - well, I try to be nice, but past a certain point I snap and get nasty. I'm also a very sedentary person, even though I like walking. Also, once you get me started on Pet Topics I will not stop.

With friends, I tend to be somewhat on the jokesterish, I-made-another-snarky-remark side. I'm ridiculously critical of myself, and I tend to blame myself for things - but I loathe it when people blame me and I think it's not my fault. I'm stubborn - not that I'm not willing to listen to your point of view, but my stance is my stance and you can have a pretty hard time convincing me to change it. I'm pretty damn emotional over a lot of things, and I've also been told I'm sensitive and compassionate and quick to catch on to things. I'm loyal to my friends, and I keep to a rather close circle. What else? I'm rather musical - I don't mean necessarily talented, but I tend to go off humming something or absently tapping my foot to a rhythm all the time, and I thrive on mental stimulation and challenges. I get easily bored without them, so I tend to try to find things like puzzles to solve on board trains, or busy my hands when I have nothing else to do. (In short, I hate feeling like I'm letting my mind rot - I also get annoyed if I feel like I'm not getting enough of a challenge.) I tend to be rather dramatic at times, and while I do mention I'm optimistic later on, I'm not cheerful or bubbly, but I do wear my heart on my sleeve a fair bit, so you can tell when I'm happy or sad or angry.

List some of your positive traits:intelligent, compassionate, loyal, determined, witty, creative
... and some of your negative traits: snarky, sarcastic, over-emotional, temperamental, stubborn, procrastinator. (Okay, I realised in one of my more recent applications - to clarify the 'snarky', it's probably more the fact that I really need to learn when to keep my mouth shut and not snark.)

What are your interests?: Reading, writing, calligraphy, theatre, singing, music, playing video games, board games, & tabletop RPGs, solving logic puzzles, reaaaading.
... and your dislikes?: Wanton cruelty, backstabbers, people harping on your mistakes, and don't rearrange my bookshelves - they're very personal to me and I consider people randomly rearranging my bookshelves a huge invasion of my privacy.

Are you more...

Outgoing or Reserved: Reserved, especially when meeting new people.
Energetic or Calm: Calm. As a matter of fact, I don't even have the kind of energy needed to go around mingling with huge groups; they drain me very quickly. I function best in small groups.
Cautious or Impulsive: Cautious, but I trust my gut instinct. Impulsive when it comes to making smart-mouthed remarks, sadly. Oi, self.
Stoic or Emotional: Emotional.
Peaceful or Aggressive: I am not aggressive in that I won't go out of my way to attack you - it's pointless, honestly. That being said, if you're clearly out to get me, I am going to retaliate or take steps to avoid you getting me.
Confident or Insecure: Confident-ish. I'm a bit odd about this one. I've never doubted that I'm worth something, and when I think about it, when people have treated me like they think I can't do something, I get ridiculously annoyed. But I criticize myself a lot and when I have down days I feel like I'm perpetually not up to par - probably because I'm a perfectionist.
Leader or Follower: Ideally, this question would never arise, but since it's here, second-in-command. I don't like leading and all the responsibilities that go with it, but I cannot cope with being a voiceless flunky. I need my opinion to be heard, and I need to trust that my opinion will be heard, or I get upset. I also cannot deal with a leader who just tries to stomp all over opposing opinions - and if I think nobody else will do it, I may take the reins myself.
Optimistic, Pessimistic, or Realistic: Optimistic/realistic. I think things generally do turn out for the best and that tomorrow will be a better day (although you'll have a hard time convincing me of that early in the morning). But chance can also interfere, and things can go wrong, and sometimes you have to be realistic and accept that, too.

You've ended up as a player in The Game. What do you hope your partner will be like? Trustworthy. Intelligent. Reliable. Someone who can work well with me - that's the whole point of us being partners, right? So ideally someone who can make up for my weaknesses and complement my strengths and who sees things differently.

How do you feel about having a partner in the first place? Would you like to get to know them better or would you rather be on your own? I'd love to have a partner, and I'd definitely want to know them better first. It's part of building up a relationship.

... and what role do you think you'd play in the team? Would you heroically charge in first? Offer motivation from the side? Just try to throw tin pins at everything? I would not heroically charge in first. I'm squishy. I'd be the support character who sometimes comes up with weird strategies to get people out of a sticky situation.

Time for your first mission! You have 3 hours. How would you approach it? Nervously freak out, try to do it as quickly as possible, slow and steady, try to make it fun...? I'd be trying not to think about it. I hate having to wait 3 hours, actually. I'd probably make any last preparations and spend it talking to my partner or something while trying not to worry myself out of my skull.

What would you do in your free time? Go shopping? Watch people? Stare at the ground and brood? Abuse the mind reader skill...? Read!

Even if they may not see you, you're constantly surrounded by people in this city. How do you feel about humanity as a whole? I'm... okay with them, as a whole. As in, humanity is composed of so many different types of people that overall I'm just 'okay' with them.

You've managed to survive to the end! Is there anything that you hope has changed about you in the process? Nah, not really.

(Optional section)
Have you played this game? If so, did you like it? Nope, haven't played it.
Is there any character you don't want to get?

(Not optional)
Please post the links to five applications you've voted on:

Note to voters: You can find a list of characters with descriptions here.
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Breyzy: I'm on your sidebreyzyyin on February 19th, 2011 06:17 pm (UTC)
I could see a few different characters working for you, but I think I'm leaning the most towards Joshua overall. Your brief description of your personality reminds me a lot of him...and he can easily be described with the positive/negative adjectives you used too (intelligent, compassionate, loyal, determined, witty, creative & snarky, sarcastic, over-emotional, temperamental, stubborn, procrastinator). As a whole, Joshua is more reserved (he might not appear that way at first glance...but there's a lot more to his character than his initial introduction would have one believe), calm, cautious (but impulsive with remarks), not aggressive in the "I'll get you!" sense, confident-ish, could easily fit a "second-in-command" role although he's presented as a leader in the game, and he's pretty realistic despite his more optimistic on-the-surface remarks in the game. Many of your game-specific/scenario section answers could fit Joshua pretty well too! :)
the_404_error on February 19th, 2011 10:14 pm (UTC)
Hmm. I can see Joshua and Hanekoma in your positive traits, and a bit of Makoto considering his personality at different points... None of them are exact fits, but I think I'll double vote for Hanekoma and Joshua. Hanekoma isn't as prone towards making snarky remarks as Joshua is and he's the opposite of over emotional, but I can't really see any of Joshua's worst traits in you either. (As Joshua's views on humanity are more negative, and he's often seen as condescending and devious.)

Hanekoma does enjoy intellectual matters, and he's more outwardly compassionate than Joshua at least. While he doesn't show frustration, he does express a dislike of when people aren't even trying... He actually often tries to encourage the other characters when he sees them acting in such a way. (... and there's one incident in particular where he basically has a "Oh really? It doesn't look like you're trying very hard" reaction to Neku) He has to be determined and have a degree of creativity to get to the position he's in as well... Both in terms of his artistic hobbies and his role in the game. He's calm, not overly outgoing, more cautious overall, hangs in the background for most of the game while making his thoughts heard when he views it necessary... He also often expresses realistic viewpoints, but also has a more optimistic exterior. I can see him wanting a partner with similar traits, as well as being more content with the idea than most of the other characters. He actually does come up with weird strategies to help save some of the players in the game, and he seems the most likely to just view humanity as okay rather than either lavishly praise it or condemn it.

Joshua, on the other hand, is more outwardly stubborn, reserved, and snarky. While they're both extremely calm characters, Joshua does have stronger reactions to situations than Hanekoma does, even if most of his annoyances are directed at people being sheep. He fits all of your "are you more..." responses very well (minus the emotional one), and he's another character who tends to come up with creative strategies (though he takes more of a leader approach than Hanekoma does at times)... I can see you fitting his character in the AU "Another Day" section fairly well in particular, since he's quite a bit less antagonistic in that part. Again, both characters have traits which don't fit well here, but I can't find a character who fits that perfectly, so a ramble-y double vote it is.
Erica: Gay pulp - Check that outharmonde on February 20th, 2011 08:43 am (UTC)
I saw a few different characters, too, but my vote's going for Joshua. He's pretty snarky, and can be stubborn on a regular basis. He has a softer side, but usually doesn't show it. He's impulsive when it comes to everyday matters, but for larger decisions he's much more cautious.
starry ★ alien from vanilla planet: 2NE1 ■ CLyamachan01 on February 25th, 2011 04:18 pm (UTC)
Definitely Joshua for you. Snarky, you like to think yourself as an intellectual, reserved, jokesterish... you personaility just fits up to his very well. Even your positive and negative traits fits him well as well and your overall tone and vibe is also very Joshua-ish. Yup, Joshua is an perfect fit!
Noordarklight90 on March 24th, 2011 06:20 am (UTC)
Joshua. You're both generally reserved and use a lot of sarcasm. 'Sensitive' and 'compassionate' are also qualities he posseses, although not always on display. Oh, and can't forget the intellectual bit!
عقرب: pic#109947176grimoire on April 22nd, 2011 06:44 am (UTC)
I can see hints of certain characters working for you and while I am not going to sound original, I definitely see Joshua the most for you. I considered Uzuki for a second since she definitely has temper but you are much calmer and more logical than her since it's usually Kariya that does the thinking for her but she definitely is independent and strong. I also saw a bit of Neku but again, he's not exactly snarky and you don't seem to be nowhere as introverted or anti-social as he is (which is good, of course). Joshua, just like you is a reserved individual rather than introverted or extroverted. He's intelligent, snarky, witty, quite cautious. In my opinion he can be kinda jokesterish as well seeing his behaviour in certain parts. When I think of it, Hanekoma does fit a bit too but overall I saw more Joshua.