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04 February 2011 @ 02:53 pm
... and game specific theme #2:

Dragon Age: Origins

This will include all characters in the original, as well as those in any expansion packs (read: Awakening) and any DLC (i.e. Warden's Keep, Witch Hunt). As it's not yet out, I did not include any information relating to Dragon Age II or it's DLC and characters unique to those titles will not count.

All of the game specific rules stated in the The World Ends With You Theme apply here as well. Pretend I copy and pasted them.

Warning: These descriptions contain more spoilers than the TWEWY set, as more of these characters act a certain way due to their background.

Terms that may make the descriptions/part of the application make more sense:

Maker - Monotheistic god. Of sorts.
Chantry - Church. Of sorts.
Darkspawn - This universe's orcs/shadowspawn/whatever you prefer to call humanoid monsters created underground that live to kill and devour everything in sight.
Grey Wardens - People who are bound to fight the darkspawn. It seems like they can do whatever they wish with their life otherwise (provided darkspawn aren't advancing), but they have a much lower average life span than most. The main character is one of these, which is why some of the application questions relate back to it.
The Tower - The Tower of Magi is where most mages are forced to live. It's strict and controlled by the Chantry, whose folklore considers mages to be the reason why darkspawn walk the earth.

There are a number of other characters I wanted to use, such as Harrowmont, Bann Teagan, Branka, Flemeth, Soris, Ariane, and Finn... but, after I got to a certain point, I was afraid of breaking the page if anyone has a slow connection.

Also remember that you can vote for characters outside of this list within reason. (i.e. All of the above would be acceptable, but trying to vote someone as Mad Hermit probably isn't a good idea.)

Alistair often tries to diffuse situations with humor and occasionally uses it to evade answering uncomfortable questions. He tends to be sensitive, a bit awkward, and is even a little naive about humanity at times... but can also be passionate, witty, and have strong opinions about what's important to him. He was raised partially by the Chantry, and while he disliked it and claims to not be that religious, he retains a great many of the Chantry’s traditional beliefs. He dislikes being placed in leadership positions, but if he does end up with great responsibility, he's willing to learn all he can to at least try his best.

A mage who escaped from the Tower seven times, Anders dislikes feeling controlled or bound by anything. Though he has strong negative opinions about the Tower, he often has a rather nonchalant and laid-back attitude otherwise. He tends to joke around with the other party members, though it sometimes can turn into mockery (especially if Oghren is involved), and he occasionally will say something insightful. Though he has no fear of the Chantry's authorities, he's less gung-ho about the whole facing danger factor than most of the Wardens, which causes some of them to question his bravery. He also likes cats. ... and yes, that last sentence was important.

The Queen of Ferelden, Anora is considered to be the true power behind the throne as she enjoys playing politics far more than her husband. She's ambitious, self-confident, and determined, but also sometimes blunt, harsh, and prone towards exaggeration. She's initially put off by those who are not as serious as she, but can grow to appreciate anyone who she perceives as having good intentions.

The third and last son of a dwarven king, Bhelen proves himself to be a suave and effective politician. He eventually assassinates his eldest brother and pins it on the second sibling, planning on taking the throne for himself. It is possible for Bhelen to become king eventually, wherein he rules as an aggressive and ruthless tyrant, albeit one focused on reform, such as a more equal class system and more openness with the surface world. While power hungry, it's also worthy of note that his eldest brother was the exact opposite of Bhelen politically, as he shows little concern for other castes and even treats his younger siblings with disrespect... though Bhelen may have had less reason for getting rid of the second sibling.

Calian is the confident, if not dramatic, King of Fereldon. While his wife supposedly makes many of the political decisions, Calian's love of heroic stories has made him dream of one day having stories written about his own exploits. This makes him enthusiastic, but some consider him childish in exchange. While he may seem self-interested and glory-seeking, those closest to him claim he always means well.

Duncan is the commander of the Grey Wardens at the start of the game. Always seeing the bigger picture, he never loses sight of his goals and the true threats to the world. He seems to find something good to say about almost every individual, and points out those positive traits if someone speaks poorly of them. A highly capable leader, he seems to exemplify the Grey Warden values of bravery and loyalty.

Eamon has great influence among other nobles of Fereldon, but does seem to care about the future of the kingdom instead of simply desiring more power for himself. Rather, his main actions involve helping others rise to power in order to offset Loghain and prevent further civil war. He claims nothing is more important to him than his family and is even shown to be caring towards children he was only like the godfather to for a time.

From the start, Jowan's mother considered him an abomination, and the way many eventually end up viewing him doesn't change that much. He flees the Tower after secretly falling in love with a Chantry sister and dabbling in Blood Magic, both of which are forbidden. He eventually ends up in the hands of Loghain, who promises that he'll help the Tower in some manner if Jowan poisons someone for him. He does so, but instead finds himself betrayed and sitting in a jail cell. He expresses quite a bit of guilt over what he's done, and wants only to redeem himself afterward. Despite how others view him, Jowan never does anything intentionally malicious and expresses a great amount of concern for those he cares about.

The spirit manifestation of justice itself. Many Fade spirits never show themselves, but Justice was compelled to act at an act of great... injustice. He accidentally ends up inhabiting the body of a recently deceased man and is quite alarmed by this at first, as he never had any intention of ending up in the world of humans. He claims to not have any desires beyond the pursuit of justice, but he does express a great deal of amazement at the world of living creatures. While he always intends to do the "just" thing, that proves to be more complicated and nowhere as black and white as he excepts at times.

Leliana claims the Maker himself told her to assist the main character. She often prefers the "morally right" outcomes and is often willing to give others a second chance, but she has a darker past. She once enjoyed spreading a bit of chaos, such as disgracing nobles and switching around items in the marketplace. However, it's only after enduring numerous tortures that she finds herself in the Chantry, which is then seen as a safe haven and way out. Depending on the player's choices, she can either renew her faith in the Maker or admit she was only using it to escape, which causes her to admit that she does still enjoy the previous activities. While she's often thoughtful and far from air-headed, she does tend to be rather girly and gets excited about things she finds cute... and boots. It's also suggested that she found life in the Chantry boring, and may have made up the Maker claim to amuse herself, but she denies it.

A farmer-turned-war hero, Loghain was once highly respected in his country as a symbol of hard-work and determination. However, he conspires to take the throne after betraying the king by leaving him and countless others, including the main character, behind to be slain by darkspawn. While he's considered both a great fighter and strategist, he's become paranoid over the years and seems to genuinely believe that the country will be invaded if he isn't in charge. Loghain resorts to desperate methods to fuel or finance his goals, and Rendon Howe often has to remind him what the real threat is at the moment. He's extremely distant, stern, and makes little effort to appear otherwise. He does appear to care about his daughter to an extent, but he isn't very good at showing it.

A witch who grew up mostly isolated from humanity, Morrigan tends to be more of a loner who scoffs at traditional human values. She believes in a "survival of the fittest" mentality and greatly values anything which could lead to more power as a result. On the flip side, she gets upset if someone does anything in the name of compassion or even just casually does something kind. She does express a deep kinship with wild animals and trees, and can also come to value the main character if they share similar values, although it'll make him or her the only human she shows any sort of affection towards, and even then it's fairly distant. She's also not without a sense of humor, and loves little more than making fun of Alistair.

Despite his rather perverse and crude nature, Oghren is the only one who has never given up on trying to find his wife. A berserker, he tends to rush headfirst into things and often finds it difficult to show restraint. While he was once a respected warrior, the years have turned him into a disgraced drunk. His fondness for alcohol seems to know no bounds.

Loghain's right-hand man, and the man who was truly the one who thought of or instigated many of Loghain's worst deeds. He kills whole families, betrays someone who thought of him as an old friend, tortures people, sends assassins after the main character... Often brash, most of his actions are entirely with the intent of gaining more power and wealth for himself. At the least, he's consistent and determined.

(Note: Out of order since his explanation just makes more sense after the above one)
Rendon Howe's son who has been away from his family and isn't aware of his father's true actions. Upon his return, he believes his father was a political prisoner who was killed for being with the losing side. As he eventually learns the truth, he agrees that his father did terrible deeds, apologizes for declaring vengeance earlier, and even blames himself as he wonders if he could have stopped some of it had he been there. Nathanial is highly practical, rather serious, and always approves of the most compassionate decisions. Curiously, despite the amount of pride he has in his family name, it seems his parents weren't exactly kind to him and often degraded him.

A casteless (a beyond impoverished dwarf whose existence isn't acknowledged by the higher casts) who joined the Legion of the Dead, a group which breaks all ties with their former life and battles where almost certain death awaits them. It's implied that she wants to prove herself, and especially to herself more so than anyone or anything else. She's strong, brave, and blunt, yet also often good-humored. She also expresses a lot of interest books - due largely to how her position in society made them very limited - and a general curiosity about items on the surface.

A golem that has lost some of it's memories due to being experimented on, Shale tends to view most humans as dull-- after all, it was frozen in one place and treated like a statue for decades while completely conscious with nothing to do but watch the village it was in. It also has an intense dislike for birds (understandably so, considering what birds do to statues) and often jokes that it's life mission is to rid the world of the foul beasts. It has a dryly sarcastic sense of humor, dislikes overly heart-warming gushy moments, and enjoys crushing things. Once part of it's background is revealed, it's safe to say that it's as brave and as strong as the stone it's made out of.

Quiet and serious, Sten is almost always short and to the point. While he may seem stoic at first, he can become emotional if something unexpected happens to him-- even to the point of instinctively killing those around him. He does regret killing those on impulse, and seeks to return to his homeland with regained honor. He seems to agree quite strongly with the traditions of his people, and consequently tends to find the customs of others to be outlandish.

Velanna was exiled from her clan due to her immense spite-- they claim all she knows is hatred. She does care about her sister however, and is willing to do anything to get her back from the darkspawn. Yet she makes no effort to get along with anyone else, even well-intentioned statements can set her off as she often assumes the worst from the intention, and gets easily offended if anyone mentions her ears. While she killed many humans in the name of vengeance - as she incorrectly assumed they took her sister - she shows no remorse for those actions later.

A spirit who has been trapped for centuries, Witherfang is also respectfully called "The Lady of the Forest" by those who support her. Despite being part of a curse, Witherfang expresses great sympathy, understanding, and appears very calm. She seeks to end the curse - even if it's by an extension an end of her own life - that has been afflicting those around her. She usually prefers a peaceful solution, but will use violence if the other werewolves believe it's best.

Wynne is a very motherly (or "grandmotherly") character, especially towards the main character and Alistair. As such, she tends to advise them on what she believes they should strive for, with selflessness and attention to their Grey Warden duties being the most frequent. She's mature, wise, and generally doesn't get upset if someone slightly disagrees with her. She values compassion highly and may even leave the party if she thinks the main character is insensitive and isn't even considering how others may feel.

The Keeper of an elf clan, Zathrian has developed a type of wisdom over the years. Yet, he can be very stubborn, often mistrusts humans (albeit for valid reasons), and holds an extremely deep grudge. While the reason for his grudge relates to a terrible tragedy his family experienced, that event was an extremely long time ago and still plagues him. He does have a lot of respect among his clan, is calm when not talking about his past (which he prefers to avoid mentioning), and despite his mistrust, will even take up a position among what was previously an all-human government if certain conditions are met.

Zevran is an assassin who has developed a certain appreciation for the fine art of killing, and reasons to himself that some people simply had it coming. There is at least one innocent death which he deeply regrets, though he mostly prefers to not spend his time dwelling in the past. He's also prone towards hitting on just about everyone with a pretty face and finding enjoyment in just about anything dirty of that nature. In spite of everything, he tends to be laid-back and is always up for a little fun.

Mynahsunflower_mynah on February 4th, 2011 07:59 pm (UTC)
OMG I LOVE YOU. <3 And the stamps. Thank you for this!
the_404_error on February 4th, 2011 10:12 pm (UTC)
Ah, and thank you for the kind comment. ;X
Mynahsunflower_mynah on February 4th, 2011 10:15 pm (UTC)
XD Okay, sorry, fangirl reaction there. But I do love the stamps, and I love - this applies for the TWEWY theme too - I really appreciate that you bothered to clarify words/phrases and give descriptions of the characters. <3
the_404_error on February 5th, 2011 04:11 pm (UTC)
I know I'd likely be uncertain and far more reluctant about voting if there weren't character descriptions and I wasn't familiar with the games, so I'm hoping that even brief descriptions will help with that a little... and help avoid complete sheep voting. ... and thanks again! I won't lie, it felt like it took forever to write, so I'm glad to see the descriptions appreciated. XD
Breyzy and Yin Girl: Yin: a thousand wordsbreyzyyin on February 5th, 2011 12:44 am (UTC)
Awesome stamps! Looking forward to applying for this theme as well. :)
the_404_error on February 5th, 2011 03:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I hope you enjoy it, then.
عقرب: animanga ☇ yoite 。losing myselfgrimoire on February 5th, 2011 07:02 pm (UTC)
Oh, I really like the stamps! They fit the game very nicely :) Now i need to stop being lazy and read all the description. You did awesome job putting it all up.
the_404_error on February 6th, 2011 04:27 pm (UTC)
Thank you on all accounts! ;X
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